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Buying an iPad? Got a Kindle, a Sony reader, or even an iPhone? We bet there’s one thing it doesn’t have: Balls. Or - to be more precise - iBallz.

IBallz is a set of four balls which slot into the corners of your precious slab of electronics. These are held in place by a stretchy cord. The iBallz then sits there, waiting, ready to rescue your tablet from all manner of calamities. What kinds of calamities? First, spills of both kinds: the balls puts some bounce into your device if it slips from your hand and flies floor-ward. It also puts a centimeter or two between the gadget and the table, meaning that literal spills will flow beneath leaving the iPad or Kindle nice and dry.

There’s more. By popping off one or two if the balls, the slab can be set at an angle for easy reading or typing. The one-size-fits-all iBallz is $15.

Are there problems (apart from the product site being in Flash)? Sure. It looks pretty goofy, for a start, but the real problem comes when you order anything but black balls. The balls come in all manner of bright colors, which - when combined with kids - turns your expensive $500 tablet computer into an irresistible, bounce-able, throwable toy. Sure, the iBallz might protect your computer from edge-on impacts, but after spending the last weekend with my nephews, I know what an angry one-to-five year old can do.

IBallz is a nicely thought out accessory, though, and comes at the problem from a better direction that the usual cover-all cases. It’ll ship in March, when the iPad hits stores.

Read More http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/02/iballz-give-phones-some-stones/#ixzz0fILZv40u

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