iBallz sstreet team custom t-Shirts!

By adminner on April 01, 2010   /     /   2 Comments

the iBallz street team will be at all the best Apple stores on April 3rd for the iPad launch with great giveaways, T-shirts, Stickers and Free iBallz coupons! come out and join the fun!

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Aw that’s awesome! Please say you’ll do likewise in London when Apple releases it here.

Posted by Pebsy on April 03, 2010Rss Feed Rss Feed

were not in LONDON!
but ill send you some Tshirts and free iBallz if you get them out to the apple store!
whats you emai?
mail us at info@iBallzforipad.com

looking forward! we just got our iPads today and there great!


Posted by admin on April 03, 2010Rss Feed Rss Feed

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