All About the EdCamp Phenomenon

By Alex Marketing for iBallz on May 02, 2013   /   barcamp bill selak edcamp iBallz okc edcamp unconference    /   0 Comments


The EdCamp phenomenon has been gathering an immense amount of momentum recently.  EdCamps are free "unconferences" focused on professional development for educators. Based off of BarCamp,  this self-organized user generated learning session model was first used by hackers and other computer enthusiasts interested in open source software and anarchy, though the model eventually bled into the mainstream corporate computer world.  EdCamps are free and the sessions held during the conference (which frequently focus on Ed Tech) are participant taught, submitted via index card on a scheduling board each morning to make the day's schedule.

For more information on EdCamps, check out the EdCamp site but to really get a feel for what EdCamps are all about, check out this short video made by Ed Tech educator extraordinaire Bill Selak about the EdCamp experience.  Bill co-organizes EdCampSFBAYEdCampOCLA, and  EdCampLA - who better to let you know what the phenomenon is all about!

We've gotten a chance to work with a few EdCamps (check out iBallz at the Oklahoma City EdCamp at the bottom of the post!), but we know many of you out there organize and attend these events - we would love to hear from you!

Send us your EdCamp stories at to post on the blog and we'll give the ten best post writers a free set of iBallz so you can keep your tablet protected at the next "unconference".
Note: This offer applies to all of our international camp goers as well, as we'd love to hear their unique experiences at EdCamps.  Unfortunately, we can only offer free shipping to US recipients.

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