iBallz™ pre-Sales Ship Today!

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For all the people that waited, iBallz™ pre-sales ship today! Please send us a message and let us know when you receive them! :)

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iBallz Disco Addition, coming soon!

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iBallz disco addition

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"13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings" and the iBallz solution

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While the iPad has proven to be an incredible new device, Yahoo! News had some honest concerns: it's awkward, it's heavy and it's slippery. Here's how iBallz can help...

It's Awkward
Using the iBallz with the iBallz Carrying Case, you can safely transport your device around the house, office or on errands. The zip off cover allows for quick access to your device, so you are not constantly pulling it in and out.

It's Heavy
iBallz won't make your device lighter, but it will allow for several comfortable positions: resting on your lap, hanging from or leaning against a wall, tilted up towards you on your desk or coffee table.

It's Slippery
iBallz stabilizes your iPad in any position and gives you added peace of mind in case of the inevitable fall.

As Derek's dad likes to say... "It only takes one drop to make the investment in iBallz worthwhile."

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Wired covers the iPad Saturday!

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A mention of the iPad release on WIRED. Look who is in the pics.....

The iPad Arrives: The Wait is Over (And Wasn’t Bad)...

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NEW iBallz Photos - iPad Launch

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shot today with our new iPads!

they work and fit perfect! we dropped from over 5 feet with no issues.
Like my Dad says
"it only takes one fall to make them worth it."

Pre-Order iBallz today, WERE OUT IN MAY!

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