coming soon, iballz for cars! iBallz for cars!

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Its Simple

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iBallz is a “one size fits all” shock absorption harness that protects and enhances the appearance of template-style computing and “e-reader” devices such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and others.

iBallz does not encase the device or rely on a thin layer of rubber or plastic for protection.  iBallz does not conceal the device and utilizes balls at the four corners and elastic string along the sides to absorb the shock and reduce the potential damage resulting from dropping the device. This design also avoids obstructing the device buttons and adapters.

iBallz elevates the device safely away from spills and avoids contact with sticky and unclean surfaces. The elevation also assists in live performance and presentation situations where space is limited. For example, the device can now sit evenly on top of a turntable platter, hang from a airplane seat back or ride in the back of a bumpy truck ride. all the while prividing Additional ventilation, protection and peace of mind.

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iBallz -- protection for your iPad

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iBallz protect your new iPad and other template devices from spills, sticky surfaces and the inevitable drop (gasp!) without adding weight, blocking buttons & adapters or sacrificing style.
Checkout our demo video to see iBallz in action. For more info and online ordering, please visit
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