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The concept of iBallz came about in January 2010 when a couple of friends (Derek & Lee) went snowboarding and killed time on the chairlift rides between runs by joking around about the crazy hype surrounding Apple’s iPad announcement, which had been made earlier that morning. We knew right away that the iPad would change everything and since both of us are longtime technology enthusiasts and admittedly klutzy, our first idea was to create an iPad accessory that would protect against drops & spills without covering up the slick Apple design that we all love so much. 

We made a prototype that night, tested with a piece of glass tile in place on an iPad (which wouldn't be released for months), filmed a quick demo video, put up a simple website and before we knew it we had created a start-up company in less than 48 hours. Two days later iBallz were featured on both Wired.com and Gizmodo.com, which generated an enormous amount of interest in our product. The funny name probably didn’t hurt either! ;-)

We formed our company (Friendly Integration LLC), cleared out some workspace in the garage, and enlisted our extended network of friends & family to help make iBallz a reality. iBallz are now being used by thousands of satisfied customers around the globe, and we have since introduced a line of bags and cases that complement our original iBallz products. Throughout this however, our company has basically remained the same: a bunch of friends working together everyday to make fun, unique products that work great and stand out from the rest. 

iBallz Education & B2B Sales

Discounts are available to schools & organizations on small bulk purchases.  Purchase orders are accepted (US and Canada only), subject to approval by Customer Service. Please submit POs via e-mail (preferred) or fax.  Contact info@iballzforipad.com for additional information and pricing.


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