Reviews of iBallz


Wired Magazine
“Comes at the problem from a better
direction than the usual cover-all cases.”

The Gadget Show
"I think they're so clever and so cheap!"

PC World
Top 20: Useful and Cool iPhone and iPad Accessories

Rachael Ray

“They look like Pac-Man”

“They're actually pretty well conceived.”

The Today Show
"Let someone look at your iPad and, if they
drop it, it will bounce right back."

LA Weekly
“iBallz keep tablets like Apple's iPad
and Amazon's Kindle elevated and
stable without covering the device.”
"The perfect add-on for when the tablet is in
little ones' hands, where it stands good odds of
being dropped."
"The makers of products like iBallz may be the red-headed stepchildren of the Apple empire, but they're offering us something the Cupertino control freaks may someday come to value again -- different and lively ways to incorporate Apple technology into our lives that don't completely lock us into a single company's monolithic vision."