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I tell ALL of my colleagues to look into iBallz because they've helped my iPad survive drops, bumps, and even my two-year-old throwing it on the floor during a tantrum.  I prefer my iBallz case to any other case I've seen.
Christine Carey, Teacher   (Milwaukee, WI)
I LOVE my iBallz.  I wanted you to know that as silly as I thought they might be, I can't believe how much I love them for my OWN use, not just for students.  I am a convert!
Shauna Hawes, Teacher   (Pleasant Hill, CA)
I just received my iBallz and Lid folding sleeve. I LOVE them!  I didn't want a bulky protection system that made the iPad thick everywhere.  I like the iPad's slim design and the iBallz system lets me protect the iPad while it maintains the slim grip.  I work at a middle school and use this at home and at school.  I love every aspect of it. Thanks for the clever design!
Pam Pfister, Parent   (Omro, Wisconsin)
Simple, yet effective and functional iBallz protects your iPad from tumbles and drops with four lightweight balls held in place with an adjustable bungee cord. This makes a striking visual impression that generates curiosity and draws student’s attention to the iDevice. And yes, they can survive a drop. Since using iBallz my iPad has made it unharmed through multiple accidental falls and spills.
Lois Brady, iTherapy by Proactive Speech Therapy